The River Runs Through It
The Mouth of Muskegon River at Muskegon Lake
Legacy Pollution
Community Partners Address Toxic Pollution
Habitat Restoration
Industrial Fill Removed, Wetlands Restored
The Next Generation
Hands-On Stewardship Makes a Great Lake!
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Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership Center

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Socio-Economic Assessment of Muskegon Lake Habitat Restoration, 2019
Pollution from historical and contemporary sources impair the health of the industrial Midwest’s inland lakes and rivers. The Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) currently lists 27 water bodies in the Great Lakes as “Areas of Concern” (AOCs). These are defined under the US-Canada Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement as “geographic areas designated by the Parties where significant impairment of beneficial uses has occurred as a result of human activities at the local level” (US EPA, 2013).

Final Project Report (PDF)