The River Runs Through It
The Mouth of Muskegon River at Muskegon Lake
Habitat Restoration
Industrial Fill Removed, Wetlands Restored
The Next Generation
Hands-On Stewardship Makes a Great Lake!
Legacy Pollution
Community Partners Address Toxic Pollution

Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership Center

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Lecture Series

Learn from local experts about the changes to Muskegon Lake and efforts to restore it.

February 28: “Remediation, Restoration and Revitalization of Muskegon Lake”
Kathy Evans, West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission

March 14: "Tools and Techniques for Exploration of Muskegon Lake"
Dennis Donahue, NOAA Federal

March 28: “Muskegon Lake as a NOAA Habitat Focus Area”
Terry Heatlie, NOAA Aliate

April 11: “Contaminated Sediments: A Path to Restoration”
Dr. Richard Rediske, Professor, Annis Water Resources Institute, GVSU

April 25: “The Long-Term Muskegon Lake Monitoring Program”
Dr. Alan Steinman, Director, Annis Water Resources Institute, GVSU