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Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership Center

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The MLWP Invasive Species sub-committee was established in the Fall of 2016 as a response to the need for a sustained stewardship effort at managing and controlling Invasive Species in our watershed.

Invasive species in the Muskegon Lake and Bear Lake watershed negatively impacts native habitats and habitat quality by eliminating the diversity of native species that local ecosystems require to remain healthy and vibrant. The reduction in loss of habitat area and quality has led to one of the Muskegon Lake Area of Concern (AOC) beneficial use impairments (BUI). Management of Invasive species is an intrinsic part of current and ongoing restoration efforts aimed at delisting Muskegon Lake as an AOC. Management is also required going forward. Maintaining restoration sites and efforts and increasing habitat opportunities for fish and wildlife will prevent a return to the current BUI status once Muskegon Lake is delisted. Volunteer stewards interested in a healthy environment based on healthy natural lake and wetland habitats has always been the driving force in AOC delisting and restoration efforts and will remain so in the future.

Join us, get involved. Here’s how you can help:

  • Volunteer for events listed on the MLWP event calendar
  • Become a steward member of the MLWP Invasive Species sub-committee
  • Download and receive training with the MISIN Invasive Species phone application
  • Research the provided web links to inform yourself