Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve

The Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve (MLNP) is owned and operated by the Muskegon Environment Research and Education Society (MERES). The preserve consists of approximately 11 acres of Great Lakes emergent marsh and northern mesic forest, and has been historically impacted by invasive species the dumping of debris and foundry fill at the site.

The MNLP is unique  in that it provides educational opportunities for numerous school groups each year, while also acting as a trail head and preserve. The preserve has a large and dedicated volunteer base, and restoration efforts will be sustained in the long term as the MERES board and volunteers manage the site into the future.

Restoration at the MLNP included the removal of invasive plant species, excavation to create new wetlands, hydrologic connection between the Muskegon River/Muskegon Lake and wetlands within the preserve, and the installation of over 100 different native plant species.

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Year restored: 2020-2021

Total Area Restored (by habitat type):
Floodplain Forest=0.86 acres
Great Lakes Marsh=1.28 acres
Mesic Northern Forest=4.0 acres
Oak-Pine Barrens=1.23 acres

Construction Facts:
$1,085,667 construction cost

171 tons of concrete and debris removed
5,114 tons of foundry fill removed
30,404 native herbaceous plants installed
5,910 native trees and shrubs installed
Over 100 different native species installed