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The MLWP has opportunities for your involvement. Monthly public meetings are held to present information about watershed restoration projects, and to take public input on watershed priorities. The public meetings are a great way to learn about the watershed and to meet people who are involved in restoration projects. Another way to get involved is to volunteer as a Shoreline Steward. Shoreline Stewards lead litter cleanups and habitat field sessions to care for restored shorelines and native plantings.

You can learn more about these opportunities on the Facebook Page: Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership, and the Facebook Group: Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership Shoreline Stewards.

To receive the annual meeting calendar, monthly public meeting agendas and notices about volunteer opportunities, please send an e-mail to

To learn more about managing native plantings and natural habitats, please visit the Stewardship Network at

Current volunteer training opportunities can be found HERE.

See our Volunteer Calendar of Events for the Spring-Summer ’24 season HERE.