Public Access to Water Resources

Public Access - Site Maps and Assessments

Public Access to Water Resources

Public access to natural resources provides people with an opportunity to appreciate, enjoy, understand and value the benefits of natural resources. This connection with nature promotes a stewardship ethic for communities, residents and those who use the resource for recreation and commerce.  Access to abundant open space, shorelines, water resources and natural features provides local students with opportunities for experiential learning and a low cost, higher quality of life for nearby residents.

The MLWP Action Plan goal for public access is to increase the public’s understanding of, appreciation for and stewardship of the watershed’s natural resources. The MLWP supports and encourages equitable and meaningful public access to natural areas for local residents and enhanced opportunities for interaction with the ecosystem of Muskegon Lake, Muskegon River and Lake Michigan.

My Muskegon Lake Survey Report



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Public Access by Owner Muskegon Lake Map : 11_Public-Access-by-Owner-Muskegon-Lake-Map

  1. Edison Landing Boardwalk : 1_Edison-Landing-Boardwalk2021
  2. Fisherman’s Landing : 2_Fishermans-Landing2021
  3. Grand Trunk : 3_Grand-Trunk2021
  4. Harbourtowne Beach : 4_Harbourtowne-Beach2021
  5. Hartshorn Municipal Marina : 5_Hartshorn-Municipal-Marina2021
  6. Heritage Landing and Rotary Park : 6_Heritage-Landing-and-Rotary-Park2021
  7. JayCee Launch Cottage Grove : 7_JayCee-Launch-Cottage-Grove2021
  8. Lakeshore Trail – Lakeside Neighborhood : 8_Lakeshore-Trail2021
  9. Lakeshore Fitness Center – Nims Neighborhood: 9_Lakeshore-Fitness-Center2021
  10. Lakeshore Trail Waterfront – Amoco Area : 10_Lakeshore-Trail-Waterfront-Amoco-Area
  11. Richards Park : 11_Richards-Park2021
  12. SPX Breakwater Pier : 12_SPX-Breakwater-Pier2021