Sub Watersheds

Bear Creek

Approximate length 11.5 miles

..covers 2.8 square miles in Muskegon County. The headwaters begin in the Twin Lakes area and travels southeasterly, discharging into Muskegon Lake. Water Quality in the Bear Creek Watershed has been reported by the MDEQ to be impaired and/or threatened. One of the sources of water quality impairment is contaminated runoff from impervious and surfaces associated with urban development.

A basic timeline:


Through the Muskegon Lake BUI Restoration and Removal Project, an information and education strategy for the upper Bear Creek Watershed was developed by the MLWP, MRWA, WMSRDC, DNRE, GVSU-AWRI, MCD, Muskegon County Drain Commission and Road Commission.


The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly (MRWA) and MCD joined forces to complete the first implementation project as outlined in the Bear Creek and Bear Lake Watershed Management Plan. Visit MRWA’s Bear Creek Project site to learn more about this project.


The Muskegon Conservation District (MCD) received a Watershed Management Planning grant for the Bear Creek Watershed from the U.S. EPA and MDEQ to develop the Bear Creek and Bear Lake Watershed Management Plan. The Plan was finalized in 2004.

More Information:

2015 Bear Creek Presentation

2013 Bear Lake Sediment Study

Bear Lake Nutrient Assessment Summary

Bear Lake Nutrient Assessment

Recreational exposure to microcystins during a Microcystis aeuginosa bloom in Bear Lake

Bear Creek/Bear Lake Upper Watershed Information and Education Plan

Bear Creek/Bear Lake Watershed Stormwater Plan

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Bear Lake

415 acre tributary to Muskegon Lake

Cedar Creek

Approximately 16 miles

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Details coming soon….

Little Cedar Creek

Approximate length 5 miles

Four Mile Creek

The name says it. 🙂

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Details coming soon….

Green Creek

Approximate length 4.5 miles

Ruddiman Creek

Approximate length 2 miles with 9.5 acre wetland and lagoon complex

MLWP Sub Watersheds | Ruddiman Creek

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Ryerson Creek

Approximate Length 3 miles